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Lotus Leaf Wall Sconce

SKU: ML-0100-1

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This beautiful artistic Lotus Leaf Wall Sconce is made of high-quality Brass still and will make a great addition to any interior. High-Quality Stainless steel, Exquisite Craftsmanship, Energy Efficient LED Light Source. 

Out of a classic, vintage industrial style and some modern flair evolved this stunning piece. This Pure Copper Lotus Leaf LED Vintage Wall Light Fixture is a designer's dream. It will create a beautiful showpiece for any interior.

Note: If you need to buy two, please buy the size with this (*2) logo, the price of two together is more favorable.

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Product Size

No light source decoration

Model A size: Dia 11.5cm x H 11.5cm / ∅ 4.5″ x H 4.5″

Model B size: Dia 15.5cm x H 15.5cm / ∅ 6.1″ x H 6.1″

Model C size: Dia 19cm x H 19cm / ∅ 7.5″ x H 7.5″

Model D size: Dia 23cm x H 23cm / ∅ 9.1″ x H 9.1″

Wall sconce

Model A size: W 15.5cm x H 15.5cm / W 6.1″ x H 6.1″

Model B size: W 19cm x H 19cm / W 7.5″ x H 7.5″

Model C size: W 23cm x H 23cm / W 9.1″ x H 9.1″

Model D size: W 32cm x H 50cm / W 12.6″ x H 19.7″

Model E size: W 32cm x H 50cm / W 12.6″ x H 19.7″

Model F size: W 31cm x H 77cm / W 12.2″ x H 30.3″

Model G size: W 39cm x H 61cm / W 15.4″ x H 24.1″

Model H size: W 39cm x H 69cm / W 15.4″ x H 27.2″

Model I size: W 42cm x H 88cm / W 16.5″ x H 34.7″

Model J size: W 43cm x H 108cm / W 16.9″ x H 42.5″

Model K size: W 35cm x H 120.5cm / W 13.8″ x H 47.4″

Model L size: W 31cm x H 125cm / W 12.2″ x H 49.4″

Model M size: W 28cm x H 53cm / W 11″ x H 20.9″


Material: Stainless steel

Light source: LED bulb or Edison bulb

Light source base type: E14 (as shown below)


Power: Max 15W

Voltage: AC 110-240V

Mounting: Wall

Environment: Indoor

Weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs

Battery: No

Driver Required: No

Finishes: Gilded

Process: Electroplating, Polishing

Control method: Push button switch (not dimmable)

Q: Does it support dimming?

A: Whether it supports dimming depends on what type of bulb you buy. If you buy a dimming bulb, this lamp will achieve a dimming function.

The bulb provided by default does not support dimming.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Laila Koelpin

Very nice wall light. Slightly damaged by customs. A little worry about delivery, additional taxes to pay. The very understandable seller will refund me these costs. Thank you again I highly recommend. Very nice wall light.

Blaze Murray

Very nice lamps, very decorative and very smart in the design and the packing ! Excellent product, thank you !

Oda Oberbrunner

I am very happy to receive the product, it is very natural, installed in the tea room, very suitable, I recommend this product

Alexzander Marvin

Even though the bulbs are small, they are bright enough. At the same time, they are LED bulbs that can be used for a long time and can save energy. The most important thing is that this lamp is beautiful and the quality of the lamp is very good

Ellis Mayer

I rarely give a five-star evaluation, but this time I am very satisfied and gave it five stars, it’s worth it

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