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Vakkerlight News

Understanding Warm Lighting
Warm lighting can change the way a space looks and feels – and even how we feel. Find out all you need to know about warm lighting in our guide... ...

Shade of Softness
If you’ve ever watched a feather fluttering and dancing in the breeze you know just how hypnotic and calming this can be. You are transported into ...

Rebirth of the Shell & Shell Lamp
The is a shell lamps made by glass. Make one big structure by connecting them together in complementary forms. Now, the structure becomes an autono...

5 wind chime light fixtures, bring music to your life
Imagine you’re sitting outside in your favorite chair or hammock, enjoying the bright summer sun and the soft ambient sounds of the surrounding nei...

Lighting Designs That Double As Statement Art Pieces
“Lighting, like color, can change a room, and I hope that never gets old. Creating an experience is not just a fashionable thing, but an emotional ...

Illuminating The Home With Striking Industrial Chic
It may not be the first thing you notice when you walk into a room, but lighting is a staple of interior design. Imagine how different the room wou...

There is a coastal light fixture for every budget!
Creating the coastal look in your home can actually be pretty difficult! When you search for coastal decor on line, most things that pop up are sta...

9 Elegant European Style Chandeliers
European style originated from Egyptian art. aesthetic that was defined by opulence and ornate touches. Fast forward to now and there is whole cate...

I’ve said this before but having a well thought out lighting plan for your home is essential in good design so today I’m here to share with you som...

Belt chandeliers with unlimited combinations
Designer have created a remarkable collection of modular pendant lighting for Vakkerlight. Belt’s infinite composition of soft, striking modular li...

Unique Table Lamps – a Touch of Elegance
I love the early morning. Waking up slowly, the house is silent and still for another precious hour or so. I enjoy allowing myself time for reflect...

Using surface mounted light fittings
In this post we’re focusing on architectural surface mounted light fittings. That’s quite a mouthful so let’s break it down a bit more. Architectur...