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Vakkerlight News

Iconic Serge Mouille Lamps
Europe in the mid-1900s produced arguably the greatest array of talent in industrial furniture design. Combined with their brilliant counterparts a...

Light Up Your Party with LED Balloons
At your next evening soiree, skip the staples like candles, lanterns, or string lights. You are the master here, and that means having your guests ...

Linear Industrial Chandeliers
Sharing a round-up of linear industrial chandeliers. I know technically it isn’t Thursday, so I should be giving any One Room Challenge updates (yo...

Melt Lamp Series
Vakkerlig's Melt Light is an extraordinary series of distorted spherical lights that are half-metallized to create an incredible optical effect tha...

An Architect’s Guide To: Recessed Lighting
Want a sleeker look? Then recessed wall lights might be just the thing you’re looking for. These have a minimalist design, which gives your façade ...

Great lighting schemes tell a story and can really take your home to the next level. The fixtures should support the design aesthetic of your home ...

Boho Chandeliers – 10+ Chic Options
Modern Boho chandeliers and pendant lights come in a range of shapes, styles and sizes. True to the Bohemian genre, Boho lighting also embraces a m...

Lighting design tips for your silk lamp
Lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to interior design. It determines how you experience a room and the right light can make or break your percept...

A Collision Modern Design and Ceramic Art
The French interior designer transformed this apartment in Paris into a contemporary home full of art pieces with great value for its owners. The ...

Minimalism Rethought: New Mediterranean Lighting Trend
September 28, 2022 The Modern Mediterranean interior trend unveils a warm face of minimalism With modern minimalist interiors and post-consumerism ...

Gold + Sconce Shopping Guide
We’re so excited to share an epic roundup of golden lighting options with you today! I hope it is helpful. We get so many questions about our light...

Traditional: Vintage and Industrial Styles
I’m obsessed with beautiful light fixtures. Going into a lighting store is like walking into a gallery for me! The only downside is how expensive e...