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Hanging LED Chandelier

Artikelnummer: VK202211101725-01

$220.00 USD $400.00 USD
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The lamp designed with inspiration from the traditional British carousels. The lamp will undoubtedly be very prominent in a home, and can therefore help to give the final decorative finishing touch, to either the living room, hallway or over the dining table. The round shape, cylinders gives a nice and comfortable, almost floating, ring of light.

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Product Size

Size: Dia 40cm x H 7.5cm / ∅ 15.7″ x H 3″ (Power~66W)

Size: Dia 60cm x H 7.5cm / ∅ 23.6″ x H 3″ (Power~99W)

Size: Dia 80cm x H 7.5cm / ∅ 31.5″ x H 3″ (Power~132W)

Size: Dia 40cm + Dia 60cm x H 150cm / ∅ 15.7″ + ∅ 23.6″ x H 59″ (Power~165W)

Size: Dia 60cm + Dia 80cm x H 150cm / ∅ 23.6″ + ∅ 31.5″ x H 59″ (Power~231W)

Size: Dia 40cm + Dia 60cm + Dia 80cm x H 150cm / ∅ 15.7″ + ∅ 23.6″ + ∅ 31.5″ x H 59″ (Power~297W)


Material: Iron, Metal, PMMA

Light source: Integrated LED

Kelvin range: Warm Light (3000K), Neutral Light (4500K), Cool Light (6000K)

Power: ~66W (Varies according to size)

Voltage: AC 110-240V

Mounting: Ceiling

Environment: Indoor

Weight: 10kg / 22lbs

IP: IP20

Battery: No

Driver Required: Yes

Finishes: Black

Shade Color: Black&White

Process: Electroplating, Baking paint

Control method: Push-button switch (Not dimmable)

We provide 150cm / 59″ wires. Can be extended upon request.


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