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Slender Cone Chandelier

SKU: VK202211101735-01

$110.00 USD $220.00 USD
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The Slender Cone Chandelier are a collection of hanging lamps designed by Vakkerlight. The Slender Cone Chandelier is refined and slender, projecting a pleasing accent lighting.

Customization: support customization, customizable quantity and canopy size.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Product Size

Single lamp small size: Dia 3.2cm x H 60cm / ∅ 1.3″ x H 23.6″

Single lamp large size: Dia 3.2cm x H 90cm / ∅ 1.3″ x H 35.4″

Round Canopy

6heads size: Dia 40cm x H 150cm / ∅ 15.7″ x H 59″

9heads size: Dia 50cm x H 150cm / ∅ 19.7″ x H 59″

12heads size: Dia 50cm x H 150cm / ∅ 19.7″ x H 59″

15heads size: Dia 60cm x H 150cm / ∅ 23.6″ x H 59″

18heads size: Dia 60cm x H 150cm / ∅ 23.6″ x H 59″

Long Canopy 

3heads size: Dia 50cm x H 150cm / ∅ 15.7″ x H 59″

5heads size: Dia 100cm x H 150cm / ∅ 39.4″ x H 59″

6heads size: Dia 120cm x H 150cm / ∅ 47.2″ x H 59″

8heads size: Dia 150cm x H 150cm / ∅ 59″ x H 59″


Material: Iron, Metal

Light source: LED bulb or Edison bulb

Light source base type: Pluggable G4 (as shown below)


Power: ~3W(single light)

Voltage: AC 110-240V

Mounting: Ceiling

Environment: Indoor

Weight: 10kg / 22lbs

Battery: No

Driver Required: No

Finishes: Black

Process: Baking paint, Cutting

Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)

Q: Does it support dimming?

A: Whether it supports dimming depends on what type of bulb you buy. If you buy a dimming bulb, this lamp will achieve a dimming function.

The bulb provided by default does not support dimming.

We provide 150cm / 59″ wires. Can be extended upon request.


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