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Based on 33643 reviews
Bola Disc Table Lamp
Roxanne R. Hicks

Got this as a housewarming gift and it was a hit! Its distinctive style and the warm glow it provides have made my living room the favourite gathering spot

Galileo Table Lamp
Vlatko Peshnachki
Fantastic and worth the money

The perfect blend of modern aesthetics and classic touches. Its vertical grooves and clean lines add a dynamic texture to our living room, providing not only light but eye-catching visual appeal.

Terra Table Lamp
Rebecca B.

I'm in love with this lamp's natural design! The unique patterns in the marble make it feel like a one-of-a-kind piece of art. It's the perfect accent in my minimalist living room

Jaspar Table Lamp
Angie Wilmoth
Great small lamps

I'm in love with the warm glow this lamp brings to my bedroom. It's perfect for setting a calming mood at the end of the day

Teutonic Glass Table Lamp
Karyn Rosebrook Morris

It's more than just a lampit's a statement piece. The sophisticated design and the quality of light make it an essential part of my home dcor

Jaspar Table Lamp
Lina Mendez

Its elegant gold and black design instantly elevated the sophistication of my office desk. The lighting is just perfectnot too harsh, not too dim

Buying this lamp was an excellent decision. It looks even more beautiful in person and adds a significant touch of elegance to my home

Jaspar Table Lamp

Absolutely in love with this lamp! The sleek design complements my modern living room perfectly. It emits a soft, warm light that creates a cozy atmosphere for evening reading

This lamp has brightened up my workspace with its beautiful design and perfect lighting. Its just the right size and offers great functionality

The design is elegant and simple and fits my decor perfectly. Installation was easy and the quality is very good. I love its unique and stylish look. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to add a touch of Japanese elegance to their home

Adds a touch of elegance and charm to my bedroom. Its soft glow creates a cozy and cozy atmosphere. Installation was a breeze and the quality is top notch. I love this unique design and how it perfectly complements my decor. Highly recommended to anyone looking to add a bit of beauty to their space!

Great Kitchen Light

This light was an excellent replacement for the light in the kitchen. It provides more than enough light to see around the kitchen without having to adjust the lights, which is a great feature.

Was astonished when it arrived. Easy to install and more beautiful in person. Very happy with this product and seller. Easy to clean and very thick glass. Worth every penny.

Fungo White Table Lamp
Justin Harris

The design is fantastic, and it photographs well. For practical use, though, the light doesn't spread as far as I'd like, making it more decorative than functional in larger rooms.

These lamps are stylish but require regular cleaning to keep the glass clear and sparkling.

Solid Table Light
Justin Harris

This lamp is great for work, but the fixed light angle isn't always ideal. Adjustable functionality would make it perfect.

While I adore the aesthetic, the light can be a bit too reflective at times, depending on the angle of sunlight.

Parker Table Lamp
Justin Harris

While I love the design of the lamp, I wish it were a bit taller. It's a bit short for my work desk.

While the design fits perfectly with my modern decor, the light can be a bit harsh if not positioned correctly.

Eterna TL Table Lamp
Justin Harris

While I love the style, I find the light a bit dim for my crafting projects. It's more suited for ambiance than task lighting.

I appreciate the style of this lamp, but it requires frequent cleaning to keep the crystal looking its best, which can be a bit tedious.

RBS Cactus Lamp
David White

The lamp adds a fun touch to our room, though I find it a bit lightweight and worry it might easily tip over.

This lamp fits well in modern decor, but it feels a bit delicate. I worry about its durability in a busy household.

I like the style, but it doesnt provide enough light for detailed tasks like sewing or crafting.

Gorgeous lamp, but it collects dust quite easily due to the intricate openwork. Requires regular cleaning to maintain its beauty.