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Cloud Chandelier

If you thought lamps were just for the side table or floor, think again. This brilliant chandelier takes the form of clustered orbs that diffuse a soft, warm glow. The chandelier is available in 9 or 37 clusters and is an ode to artisanal glass frosting techniques of the 19th century.

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Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp

This tree lamp stands magnificently on a brass base and is artfully adorned with authentic ostrich feather foliage. The epitome of luxury and elegance, the Ostrich Feather Lamp is handmade and hand-painted in a Chinese studio. It is available in 15 colors with fun hues such as candy floss to mandarin orange.

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Oo Lamp Smooth

The Oo Lamp Smooth is contemporary design at its finest. This lamp is characterized by its two striking orbs that sit atop two perfectly smooth ceramic stands. If you know someone looking to add the ideal modern touch to their home, then this lamp with its matte hues is the perfect selection.

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Shadows Grand Sconce

This isn’t your average sconce. Delve into the beauty of shadows and light with this laser-cut aluminum and matte white painted LED infused light fixture. This sconce is available in various sizes and casts delicately intriguing shadows when placed together.

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Formakami Pendant Light

If you know someone who loves Asian lanterns, gift them this modern rendition—expertly created with the tenets of literal and symbolic illumination. Formakami’s delicate white is reminiscent of rice paper. It is tinged with modern touches of stained oak rings and completed with handmade round playful designs.

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