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Pendant light

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Free Shipping on all pendant lighting. Bring a new look home with our selection of fashionable lights. For high style, the hanging pendant chandelier is today's perfect solution.
Cloud Pendant Light Style B - VakkerlightCloud Pendant Light Style B - Vakkerlight
Cloud Pendant Light...
يبدأ من $185.00 USD
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Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightNelson Bubble Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Nelson Bubble Pendant...
يبدأ من $202.00 USD
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Melt Round Pendant System - VakkerlightMelt Round Pendant System - Vakkerlight
Melt Round Pendant...
يبدأ من $460.00 USD
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Khmara Halia Pendant Lamp A - VakkerlightKhmara Halia Pendant Lamp A - Vakkerlight
Khmara Halia Pendant...
يبدأ من $220.00 USD
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Envolee Double Biscuit Pendant Light - VakkerlightEnvolee Double Biscuit Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Envolee Double Biscuit...
يبدأ من $198.00 USD
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Tense Pendant Light - VakkerlightTense Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Tense Pendant Light
يبدأ من $345.00 USD
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Ay illuminate Pendant LightAy illuminate pendant light - Vakkerlighting
Model 2065 Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightModel 2065 Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Model 2065 Pendant...
$256.00 USD $384.00 USD
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Spark Ball Pendant LightSpark Ball Pendant Light
Spark Ball Pendant...
يبدأ من $89.00 USD
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Endless Straight Pendant Light - VakkerlightEndless Straight Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Endless Pendant Light
يبدأ من $513.00 USD
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Deformed Ball Pendant Light - VakkerlightMulti-Lite pendant light - Vakkerlighting
Lederam Manta Pendant Light - VakkerlightLederam Manta Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Lederam Manta Pendant...
يبدأ من $209.00 USD
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Sky Garden Pendant LightSky garden Pendant light - Vakkerlighting
Sky Garden Pendant...
يبدأ من $220.00 USD
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Mila Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightMila pendant lamp - Vakkerlighting
Mila Pendant Lamp
يبدأ من $88.00 USD
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Glass Pendant Light - VakkerlightGlass Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Glass Pendant Light
يبدأ من $126.00 USD
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String Pendant LightString Light - Vakkerlighting
String Pendant Light
يبدأ من $110.00 USD
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Round K9 Crystal Pendant LampRound K9 Crystal Pendant Lamp
Round K9 Crystal...
يبدأ من $74.00 USD
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Onos Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightOnos Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Onos Pendant Lamp
يبدأ من $256.00 USD
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Glo Pendant Light - VakkerlightGlo Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Glo Pendant Light
يبدأ من $130.00 USD
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Bloom Pendant Light - VakkerlightBloom Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Bloom Pendant Light
يبدأ من $100.00 USD
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Artichoke Pendant LightArtichoke Pendant Light
Artichoke Pendant Light
يبدأ من $669.00 USD
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Paper Lanterns Pendant lamp - VakkerlightFormakami pendant light - Vakkerlighting
Rice Paper Lantern...
يبدأ من $268.00 USD
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Chiswick Glass Pendant LightChiswick Glass Pendant Light - Vakkerlighting
Chiswick Glass Pendant...
يبدأ من $160.00 USD
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Oslo Pendant Light - VakkerlightOslo Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Oslo Pendant Light...
يبدأ من $498.00 USD
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Laurent Collection - VakkerlightLaurent Collection - Vakkerlight
Laurent Collection
يبدأ من $82.00 USD
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Pangen Pendant LampPangen Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Pangen Pendant Lamp
يبدأ من $185.00 USD
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IC Lights Pendant - VakkerlightIC Lights Pendant - Vakkerlight
IC Lights Pendant
$172.00 USD $258.00 USD
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Potcover Clouds Pendant Light - VakkerlightPotcover Clouds Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Potcover Clouds Pendant...
يبدأ من $179.00 USD
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Belts Combination Red Canvas Pendant LightBelts Combination Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Belts Combination Red...
يبدأ من $179.00 USD
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Acorn Pendant Light - VakkerlightAcorn Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Acorn Pendant Light
يبدأ من $150.00 USD
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Crescent Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightCrescent Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Crescent Pendant Lamp
يبدأ من $99.00 USD
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French Flower Pendant Light - VakkerlightFrench Flower Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
Wicker Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightWicker Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Wicker Pendant Lamp
يبدأ من $230.00 USD
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Precieuse Petals Pendant Lamp - VakkerlightPrecieuse Petals Pendant Lamp - Vakkerlight
Precieuse Petals Pendant...
يبدأ من $215.00 USD
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Night Birds Series Lamp - VakkerlightNight Birds Series Lamp - Vakkerlight
Seagull Resin Pendant...
يبدأ من $75.00 USD
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NR2 Pendant Light - VakkerlightNR2 Pendant Light - Vakkerlight
NR2 Pendant Light
يبدأ من $275.00 USD
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Free Shipping on all pendant lighting. Bring a new look home with our selection of fashionable lights. For high style, the hanging pendant chandelier is today's perfect solution.