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Vakkerlight News

5 wind chime light fixtures, bring music to your life
Imagine you’re sitting outside in your favorite chair or hammock, enjoying the bright summer sun and the soft ambient sounds of the surrounding nei...

Lighting Designs That Double As Statement Art Pieces
“Lighting, like color, can change a room, and I hope that never gets old. Creating an experience is not just a fashionable thing, but an emotional ...

I’ve said this before but having a well thought out lighting plan for your home is essential in good design so today I’m here to share with you som...

Belt chandeliers with unlimited combinations
Designer have created a remarkable collection of modular pendant lighting for Vakkerlight. Belt’s infinite composition of soft, striking modular li...

Shop the latest glass ball feature lights
The newest lighting trend is here and it’s all about glass ball feature lights! From sleek and minimal to OTT clusters, it’s hard to deny the beaut...

Beautiful And Affordable Crystal Pendant Light
A couple of weeks ago I shared our front living room, which is finally at a place where we can enjoy it! It brought up a lot of questions on our cr...

Lighting design tips for your silk lamp
Lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to interior design. It determines how you experience a room and the right light can make or break your percept...

Rice Paper Series Lights
We’re so excited to share an epic roundup of Rice paper series lamps you today! I hope it is helpful. We get so many questions about our lighting, ...

The New Wabi-Sabi Style Series by Vakkerlight
Every house is a small universe with its laws and truths. Can you imagine the universe without the sky? No. And can you imagine the sky without clo...

My Favorite Budget-Friendly Lighting Options
My Favorite Budget-Friendly Lighting Options Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by vakkerlight. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this...

Four Rattan Lighting Pendants
Four Rattan Lighting Pendants We have been looking at houses in Florida and it is been challenging to find our next home! The one thing I know I wa...

Stone | Glass | Fabric | Satisfy your various chandelier options
Before we get into, let’s talk for a moment about pendant lights. Traditionally pendant lights (as we mentioned above) are made up of one to two li...